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While health-related benefits of virgin coconut oil have been recognized by a range of credible organizations, there is ...

While health-related benefits of virgin coconut oil have been recognized by a range of credible organizations, there is a growing number of consumers who are wondering about the way how virgin coconut oil suppliers have processed virgin coconut oil from the mature coconuts.

The given article discusses about the general process of manufacturing virgin coconut oil, as well as provides readers with a typical example of Betrimex, one of the virgin coconut oil suppliers appreciated by many consumers.

How is virgin coconut suppliers generated?

Beside the significance of coconut water which can benefit the health and beauty of people, virgin coconut oil, defined as the oil which is extracted from the mature coconut kernel, has gained its popularity in providing nutritious supplements attracting the attention of many users. Obviously, a variety of researches have shown that virgin coconut oil including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties allows users to avoid atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease and protect body from infections. Also, it helps to increase the ability of body resistance and the ability of absorbing vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which results in enhancing the metabolism and supplementing energy for people.

Reliable virgin coconut oil suppliers in the realization of virgin coconut oil market has invested a huge amount of money in the strict quality standard process. Especially, oil extraction step is considered to be a profound contributing step which exerts a direct influence on the quality and quantity of oils collected. To be more detailed, suppliers extract oil from fresh and mature kernel or meat of coconut by natural and mechanical ways with or without the use of heat and without any chemical substances. If virgin oil producers utilize heating method, coconut oil is extracted with direct heating of coconut milk. Otherwise, aqueous extraction process, fermentation process, supercritical fluid and enzymatic extraction process are expected to be utilized by non-heating method. In this extraction stage, there are also some various methods applied such as Solvent extraction, dry and wet method. Due to the fact that the medium fatty acids contained in virgin coconut oil are different from long chain saturated fatty constituencies in animal fats. These medium fatty acids have been proved to bear a similar pattern to fats in mother’s milk, which are beneficial for health. The extraction process should be made sure to retain the nutrients as well as minerals in the coconut meat and milk.

Virgin coconut oil suppliers

Betrimex – the leading virgin coconut oil supplier

Through more than 40 years of development, Ben Tre Import and Export Joint Stock Corporation (Betrimex), one member of TTC Corporation in Viet Nam, has become a leading suppliers of a large number of various products processed from coconuts such as coconut water, coconut milk, coconut coal, desiccated coconut, especially the availability of virgin coconut oil.

The collaboration of taking advantages of raw materials of high quality and productive Ben Tre coconut and utilizing cutting edge technology, the oil separation process of virgin coconut oil in Betrimex must be controlled strictly. Virgin coconut oil is made by 100% organic desiccated coconut to assure original vitamin and minerals. It is crucial for virgin coconut oil to be stored at temperature from 26 to 32 degree Celsius to keep the liquid in a normal shape. In addition, in order to preserve the duration, the quality and natural aromas of coconut oil, Betrimex advises people to put it in the fridge with temperature between 1 and 8 degree Celcius. There is no doubt that the increasing trend of using coconut oil create a range of potentials and opportunities for coconut-based firms to develop. The leading virgin coconut oil suppliers are continuously making efforts to meet the ever-growing demand of both domestic and export market.

In conclusion, we have the aspiration of providing more sharing information about the general process of producing virgin coconut oil along with exemplifying with an typical of quality virgin coconut oil from Betrimex company. In order to obtain virgin oil from mature coconuts, the process requires complicated extraction phases by applying various method to make sure the level of nutrients reserved to provide consumers with the best coconut oil.


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